Half-year Internship — 2017

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About Momkai

Momkai is a Creative Digital Agency based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands — working for a selection of clients including KNVB, Tommy Hilfiger, Red Bull and De Correspondent.

From January 2017 to July 2017, I worked full-time as a member of Momkai's UX team, my official title being Interaction Design Intern.

My Role at Momkai

At Momkai I worked on projects for clients, ranging from highly interactive websites to physical product designs. I assisted the Sr. UX team by designing wireframes, digital prototypes, site maps, content maps and user journeys, and I had a supporting role during user tests- and interviews.

The work I did at Momkai is protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is why not all projects can be found here. For access to my full internship report, please contact me.

One case I would like to share is KNVB’s Trainer’s Assist. My contribution to this project is research, interaction design and evaluation.

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KNVB Trainer’s Assist

KNVB is the Dutch national football association with more than 1.2 million members and over 500 employees. In 2015, the KNVB established a partnership with Momkai to redesign their top three websites, knvb.nl, onsoranje.nl and voetbal.nl. In early 2017, they requested a new feature to be added to the KNVB website: a platform where football trainers can find resources that help them train their students.

This name of this platform is KNVB Trainersassist. It empowers football trainers nationwide to perfect their training plans. Next to pre-made training exercises, full workouts and multi-weekly plans, this platform provides trainers to create and share their personal training plans, monitor their team’s news and see upcoming matches.

My Contribution

In this project I assisted the Senior UX designer with the functional design of the platform. We mapped out the features the platform needed to have, and translated these into a logical structure and design. We used Adobe XD to create so-called wireframes to explore layouts and visually communicate our ideas about how the functionality and structure of the platform should be.

This was a iterative process, where we came up with new ideas on what would be the optimal design. An interactive prototype was designed which was used in a series of usability tests where a focus group was asked to perform a number of tasks. I observed the users’ behaviour and comments and took notes. With the insights gathered during this evaluation, the wireframes were re-designed delivered to the design & development teams.

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The usability setup at the KNVB office — Photo by Emko Bos

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Comparison of the functional design (left) and the visual design (right) — See it live here.


This internship was rewarded with an ‘Excellence’ or 10.0 by the TU/e assessors. I look back on a succesful internship at a very friendly and professional company. In this internship I gained a lot of practical experience in interaction design: I learnt to apply methodology and frameworks. I became experienced with tools that facilitate rapid digital prototyping (Adobe XD, Figma, InVision), and evaluated prototypes in focus groups.

The six months spent at the internship allowed me to grow in my professional skills daily: I became more efficient in communication and information-sharing, and learnt about the importance of punctuality and reliability. The interaction design methodologies learnt- and attitude gained during this internship have helped me prepare for a professional career as interaction designer.